Jacob Palin

I'm Jacob and I am currently a student at Boise State University and I will graduate in the spring of 2024. I'm following my passion for video games by studying GIMM (Games, Interactive Media and Mobile) where I express my creativity while developing video games, making websites, 3D modelling, animating, and more. Below you will find the projects I have worked on.

My Favorite Project

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This is a VR spellcasting tower defense game that I’m currently working on in Unity. It is an individual project that I’ve been working on for about a year now. The main mechanic of the game is drawing shapes in the air to cast different spells.

Projects in Unity

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My first game that I made over the course of 3 months in Unity called Bob. I based this game off of a horror short story I wrote in high school about a man waking up in the night hearing noises in his house only for him to find out some monsters have taken over the entire city. I learned a lot of the basics of Unity while making this project.

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The first group Unity project I completed. This project was an interactive comic about Quantum Entanglement which we titled Quantum Entanglement for Dummies by Dummies. We turned the interactive comic aspect into a game where the player walks around inside of a book going into the pictures shown on each page and learning about certain aspects of Quantum Entanglement.

Other Projects

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This is the first animation that I made. It's a hybrid animation with a 3D background and a 2D foreground. I used Blender to make the background and the foreground was animated frame-by-frame in Adobe Animate.

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A rotoscopy I did of myself flipping a coin through my fingers.

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One of my group animations I was a part of. I was the team leader for this project and I also contributed the walk cycles as well as the throne room background and some other slight motions such as camera movement and motion tweens in a few places.